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The Brice Kennedy Show my public access show
IMDb: Brice Kennedy my Internet Movie Database page
PCTV21 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh public access - home of The Brice Kennedy Show
Mountain Digital 7 Reedsville Cable Channel 7 - home of The Brice Kennedy Show
Movie Info
Internet Movie Database the web's premier source of movie info
Blockbuster Video lots and lots and lots o' movies
Hollywood Video world's second largest video rental chain excellent video rental resource
Independent Film
Sub Rosa Studios main distributor of the Polonia Brothers films news, info and message boards
Independent Film Network film search engine and directory independent horror film site indy film and video resource
Brain Damage Films distributors of "The House That Screamed 2"
IndieClub filmmakers' networking site
Filmmaking excellent resource for filmmakers
Cyber Film School filmmaking resource center international film and television production directory
Rec.Video.Desktop Newsgroup video production and editing newsgroup
B&H Photo Video all things video, all things production
The Electronic Mailbox great source for video editing and production needs
Jon McBride co-star of "The House That Screamed 2", "Night Thirst", "Blood Red Planet"
John Oak Dalton acclaimed screenwriter of acclaimed films "Peter Rottentail" and "Razorteeth"
IMDb: Kimberlee A. Gibson Internet Movie Database page of "Night Thirst" and "Gorilla Warfare" co-star
IMDb: Dave Fife Internet Movie Database page of "Peter Rottentail" co-star
Jeff Dylan Graham "The House That Screamed 2" and "Night Thirst" co-star
BackToHolding Casting great casting site
Alt.Acting Newsgroup Usenet acting newsgroup
Backstage the performing arts magazine
Variety industry standard entertainment magazine
The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood entertainment magazine
G4 TechTV technology cable network and website the best pc and technology deals on the web
Tom Green official website of the only celebrity worthy of worship
The Andy Kaufman Home Page comedic genius and professional antagonist
Eric McGuire Radio Network Northern WV's funniest morning show
Local H rock. the way it was meant to be.
Draculina Magazine horror site and magazine
The Lucidity Institute the gift of lucid dreaming and the pursuit of dream control

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