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The House That Screamed 2: Hellgate is the latest release from Polonia Brothers Entertainment and Jon McBride's Intercoast Productions (co-directors/producers of "Feeders" - Blockbuster Video's 1997 Independent Rental of the Year). Six months after the disappearance of Marty Beck in the house on Wingate Road, a team of parapsychologists enter the house only to experience a night of unspeakable terror. One by one, they come face to face with the truth and fight to stay alive until morning. I star as one of the leads, parapsychologist Devin Manning. Also starring Jon McBride, Jeff Dylan Graham and Leslie Culton. The House That Screamed 2 is being distributed by Brain Damage Films and is available for rental now at Hollywood Video stores nationwide.
Currently in postproduction, Gorilla Warfare is a futuristic story of three humans being held captive by a tyrannic army of apes. Stalked by their captors after crashing on a desolate planet, the humans try to survive any way they can. This was a really fun project to be involved with. Anytime I work with the Polonia Brothers and Jon McBride, it's a good time. We shot Gorilla Warfare back-to-back with another feature, NightThirst (see below). Kimberlee A. Gibson plays the female lead, Femme. The third prisoner, Lokar, is played by Jeff Dylan Graham . Although the particulars aren't clear yet, this film will see some national distribution in the near future.
Now here's an interesting movie. It's an anthology that blends comedy with horror to produce some hilariously twisted stories. In this feature, I play Hank, a medical student who is being stalked by an undead cadaver. Also starring Mark Polonia, John Polonia, Jon McBride, Leslie Culton, Jeff Dylan Graham and Kimberlee A. Gibson. NightThirst is currently in postproduction.
A short comedic mockumentary about a fictional band of pirates. In the role of Ivan the Infected, a pirate who has every communicable STD known to man, I get to act like a total ass in this film. I'm breaking new ground here, I know. This student film (my first, by the way) premiered April 2001 at the West Virginia University Mountainlair Ballrooms. Additional screenings were held at various locations on campus as well as a great showing at 123 Pleasant Street complete with plenty of alcohol and a pirate dress code. You can order a copy of The Pirates of I-79 by contacting The Outlet.
My first movie with the Polonia Brothers and Jon McBride. This sci-fi feature is about a mysterious rogue planetoid heading from Mars toward Earth destroying everything in its path. After a failed mission by the Omega 1 spacecraft, the crew of the Omega 2 attempt to end the threat and save mankind. I played Stewart, the first mate of the Omega 1. It was pretty cool. I got to die protecting earth - I was a martyr! Blood Red Planet stars Jon McBride, John Polonia and Todd Carpenter.

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My screen debut came in the form of a CBS miniseries entitled "Mama Flora's Family". Adapted from Alex Haley's last novel, this award-winning movie is an epic tale about an African-American family led by its matriarch, Mama Flora (played by Cicely Tyson). Spanning from the turn of the century to the 1970's, the family deals with everything from racism in the deep south to tragedies that nearly rip the family apart. Blair Underwood (with whom I shared a scene), Mario Van Peebles, Queen Latifah and Della Reese round out the cast in the miniseries billed as a continuation of Alex Haley's masterpiece "Roots". I'm proud to say that I've been a part of this project. I played the featured role of the Organ Player - complete with a close-up! A great start. Although my scene was cut from the rental version, Mama Flora's Family is available on VHS and DVD from

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Ah yes, The Brice Kennedy Show. The reason this website was created. As you've probably read by now, I've put the brakes on this project temporarily while I tend to other things but rest assured that The Show will surface sometime in the future. I'll have more info on The Show, the filming of the first episode and other goodies posted here eventually.
My listing in the web's most complete source of movie facts and info - the Internet Movie Database. Check it out.

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