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After a year of postproduction and much anticipation, THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED 2: HELLGATE has hit the video shelves! It is available at Hollywood Video stores nationwide as well as many independent video outlets so definitely go and check it out. Directors Mark and John Polonia and Jon McBride are very excited about the release and HWV has said that it is renting really well. I play the role of Devin Manning, one of three parapsycholgists that set out to investigate the haunted house on Wingate Road. The film also stars Jon McBride , Jeff Dylan Graham, Leslie Culton and Bob Dennis reprising his role as Marty Beck.

I recently wrapped filming on two new projects. GORILLA WARFARE: BATTLE OF THE APES is a sci-fi Planet of the Apes-style feature shot in 3D. I've been cast in my first male lead role as Baal, a prisoner of... that's right - the apes. Along with Kimberlee A. Gibson and Jeff Dylan Graham, we attempt to flee and eventually fight our captors. I had a total blast on the set. Working with the Polonia Brothers and Jon McBride is always an awesome experience. NIGHT THIRST is a horror/comedy kind of in the same vein as Scary Movie (although at times, even more sophmoric). The movie is an anthology which includes five separate stories. In "Tag", I play Hank, a med student who plays the "deadly" game of tag with a cadaver! Both THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED 2 and NIGHT THIRST are direct to video releases that should see some distribution in the coming months. I'll post pics and stuff later...

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