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This article appeared in the Dominion Post Newspaper on May 23, 2002.

Jack-of-all-Trades Plans to Film Movie



Brice Kennedy is a jack-of-all-trades.

And wants to master them all.

After years of appearing on stage and on television as the organ player in "Mama Flora's Family" and other substantial roles in films like "Gorilla Warfare: Battle of the Apes" and "The House That Screamed 2: Hellgate," and in commercials, Kennedy has decided to go behind the camera to form his own production company -- New Arena Pictures.

"I have been bitten by the proverbial directing bug," Kennedy said.

Kennedy, who hails from Morgantown, has been acting since he was a mere tot, and managed to gain some filming experience with Rutter Media.

But Kennedy thinks he could do it on his own.

"I thought the best way to act in the type of role I wanted to act in was to form my own production company," Kennedy said. "I'm not only taking my brand of entertainment to the filmmaking arena; I'm taking it to a new plateau to create my own distinct brand of entertainment."

To Kennedy that means comedy, drama or whatever he feels like doing. So he purchased a camera and editing, lighting and sound equipment.

"It was definitely an investment," Kennedy said.

Then Kennedy needed a script; a good one. So he began writing. That's when "Shooting Home" was born.

Kennedy admits that it's hard to wear every hat as writer, director, producer and actor, but to him it's worth it. And he's got a small crew to help him behind the camera.

"Shooting Home" is a semi-autobiographical comedy that Kennedy plans to film sometime in July in and around Morgantown. He also plans to shoot segments in New York and Pittsburgh. The film will feature Kennedy in the lead role of Julian, a slacker who has just graduated high school. Julian sets off to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of directing. It's a dream come true with critics hailing him. Julian returns to Morgantown for a vacation only to reunite with old high school buddies and a high school sweetheart, all of whom never made it out of Morgantown.

Kennedy said that local actors, Kimberlee A. Gibson and David Bunch also star in the film. WVAQ radio celebrity Eric McGuire and Jon McBride, who had recurring roles in "Days of Our Lives," will also make special guest appearances.

" 'Shooting Home' is really character driven," Kennedy said. "The characters have a lot of attitude. There's just a lot of edgy, off-beat stuff in it."

That's the way Kennedy wants it.

After editing is complete, Kennedy plans to distribute the film locally in many venues around town including video stores and theaters. And he hopes that Morgantown will serve as a new arena for motion pictures.

Although the major roles have been cast, Kennedy said that extras are needed. Brice Kennedy can be reached at 291-2258 or New Arena Pictures website:

LISA ANN MUSICK is a staff writer for The Dominion Post.

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